Stakeholders in Congo’s Postal sector called to respect engagements

The Director of postal regulation of the Agency for the Regulation of Posts and Electronic Communications (ARPCE), Arnault Dicka, during an awareness session held on July 16 in Brazzaville invited public and private operators to comply with the requirements recorded in the specifications.

The aim of the working session was to remind people of the need to comply with the regulations. These include observing the obligations set out in the specifications, paying the annual fees, making available information requested by the regulator.

“Each operator must pay the fees and provide the service at a reasonable price because the population must benefit from quality service at an acceptable price. Postal operators have received specifications and have accepted them. As a regulator, we need to call them to order, follow them and monitor them to see how they can help them comply with regulations. “Arnault Dicka said.

Depending on the content of the specifications, operators are required to make certain information available to the public and customers, namely: product and service offers, sales and distribution conditions, price lists and delivery times.

Arnault Dicka deplored the fact that some operators do not respect the rules set out in the specifications. “It is not at all normal for certain operators to wait for a boost in order to make information related to their activities available to the regulator. The regulatory authority does everything it can to help operators, “he said.

The postal sector is a promising sector. According to statistics and statements from private postal operators, the sector has a turnover of more than 1.5 billion CFA francs. Arnault Dicka also recalled the need to comply with the regulations. “If each of the operators observes the points set out in their specifications, we could produce more than that. They have been given three months to comply, “he said.

“We have been called to order on the specifications we have vis-à-vis the regulator concerning our obligations. Failures have certainly been noted in our function, hence this call to order so that we try to improve the quality of our work for the benefit of our customers. These requirements certainly call for other funding. We will have to reinvest especially in equipment and training, “said the director general of the agency Exau business express, Eloge Akouala.

Arnault Dicka announced that in the coming days the state will establish the universal postal service under the aegis of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The law provides for a postal service fund, postal operators will also be called upon to contribute in order to help populations.

Recall that in Congo postal activity is governed by Law No. 10-2009 of November 25.