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This prospective study examines the economy of Cameroon, shedding light on its future prospects and its positioning in relation to other countries in the Central African sub-region. By analyzing key economic sectors, challenges, and opportunities, this study provides insights into upcoming trends and potential strategies to stimulate growth and strengthen Cameroon’s position in the region....
Angola appears to be a blessed land in view of its innumerable natural resources. The country has indeed a huge potential, which attracts investors. It has a surface area of 1,246,700 km², with 50 million hectares of arable land that also offers a diversity of crops. The fishery is also in short supply. The country’s...
To strengthen the resilience of vulnerable categories to COVID-19, the authorities of the countries of the subregion have taken various measures, not only to protect the livelihoods of the populations but also to allow the continuity of activities and support their economies. . For example, we can observe that some countries have eased the measures...
C’est le montant des recettes que le droit de transit du pétrole tchadien a généré au Cameroun entre janvier et avril 2019. Le Cameroun a cumulé des recettes de 11,5 milliards de francs CFA entre janvier et avril 2019 au titre du droit de transit du pétrole brut tchadien. En 2018, sur la même période,...

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