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For those in charge of this project who spoke to the press: "while meeting customer expectations, it is about promoting the promotion of Cameroonian agro-pastoral products, and supporting the development of small industries and craftsmanship taking into account the specificities of each catchment area ”.
According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), a news channel based in Singapore, despite the difficulties linked to the negative effects of Covid-19, the CPC Corporation was able to extract black gold from the landlocked Sahel nation last February. Also according to the channel, this is a first for the company, as it has been carrying out...
"This increase is mainly explained by the improvement in the average selling price," Total Gabon explained. In fact, the average selling price of the quality of crude oil marketed by Total Gabon amounted to $ 41.3 per barrel in the third quarter, up sharply from the second quarter. This improvement was not felt on investments...
“As part of the construction of the electrical energy evacuation infrastructure of the Cap-Lopez thermal power plant, two lines (90 kV) from this installation should be built. A 7.6 km first line between Cap-Lopez and the power station of the Gabon Energy and Water Company (SEEG) has already been built and put into operation since...
“Comparisons between these two periods show an increase of 57.8% on onshore and offshore calls. Precisely, at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2019, the Port of Kribi had recorded 76 stopovers against 120 stopovers on behalf of the 3rd quarter of 2020 ”, says Philomène Nzameyo, in charge of for statistics at PAK.
This overweight is justified by the combination of several factors, in particular "the evolution of the exchange rate between the currencies of the two countries. The South African Rand over the period under review lost 15% of its value against the CFA. Which contributes to inflate the income when it is converted.”
The Djeno terminal gathers oil from all fields, not only from Total, but also from other operators in the Republic of Congo. “We have agreed to renew the concession of the Djeno Terminal, which is Total's historic anchor in Congo, for another 20 years. Total's story of this step will continue in good confidence with...
According to Dany Menga, the ore port has also achieved its objectives in terms of ore volume in this difficult context. “Our projection was 5 million tonnes of ore in 2020. So far, we are at 4 million tonnes and that's a satisfaction. We still have work and efforts to make, but we remain optimistic...
The Belgian Embassy then undertook to play the role of facilitator. “I came to talk about the follow-up to this economic mission, in other words, to see how to envision a return mission through an assessment and outlook meeting. Our contribution is to recontact and bring together the businessmen who had come. We will call...
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