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On this morning of November 21, 2020, the customs court of Ngueli, on the border of the neighboring Cameroonian town of Kousseri, is filled with trucks loaded with various goods, the engine off. All around, drivers and other apprentices spend their time in the shade of the desks playing ludo.
This regression is only observed in Gabon ”, underlines the BEAC. “The deposits collected amounted to 55 billion (12% of the balance sheet total). They increased by 4.2 billion (+ 8.4%) in one year. This progression is only observed in Cameroon (4.9 billion, or + 10.3%). In Gabon, deposits fell by 653 million (or -...
The focal points of these projects are, among others, modernizing the road networks linking several countries in the sub-region; develop the production of energy interconnection or develop optical fiber. During the discussions, it was revealed that the sub-region is indeed very late in terms of the speed of computer flows.
"We are ready to resume value-added development activities on the Dussafu license, with the connection of wells for phase 2 of Tortue in mind, and to relaunch the Hibiscus / Beehive project using a converted drilling rig in order to reduce investment, the time required for the first oil extraction and the ecological footprint, ”said...
For the Interim Chargé d'Affaires at the Delegation of the European Union in Cameroon, Sébastien Bergeon, "the efforts to fight Covid-19 can only bear fruit in the long term as part of a comprehensive approach. Africa and Europe have chosen to join hands to, together, face the repercussions of this pandemic, in particular with increased...
For the participants in this training, the application of the control standards of the international organization constitutes the pivot of the improvement of the governance of public finances in Congo because, it is essential to ensure the credibility, the quality and the professionalism of the control of public finances.
The 11 priority integrative projects that were chosen for this round table were chosen for their high degree of maturity and preparation, says CEMAC. They relate to regional transport corridors, energy production and interconnection, the single market, the free movement of goods, services and people and human capital as well as economic diversification.
In an interview in the L’Union newspaper on Friday (November 13th), Jessye Ella Ekogha says all companies that meet the condition of amount and validation by the domestic debt taskforce have received their money. "To date, attests the spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic, all debts of less than 70 million have already been...
his step marks the end of its installation process initiated in June 20219. On July 30, 2020, Bange Bank Cameroon obtained the assent of the Central African Banking Commission (Cobac) to operate in Cameroon. In the same vein, the Minister of Commerce issued to the bank on August 5, 2020, the commercial approval which “facilitates...
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