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“As the technical sheet indicates, 151 foundations have been completed out of the 667 planned and 66 pylons have already been erected out of 667. Concerning the Abong-Mbang substation, the civil engineering works are estimated at 65% in terms of foundations for transformers and 35% for the firewall. Regarding the acquisition of equipment, the head...
For the resident representative of the UNDP in Congo, Maley Diop, it is “to operationalize the agreement that we signed with the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, last July, for the granting of micro-grants to actors. informal sector, ”he said, at the same time encouraging users to use these inputs wisely.
"We are in the infrastructure phase since there are a number of tenders that are prepared by the project management unit, to build 772 km of agricultural tracks in the country," Biendi. Maganga Moussavou said.. Deployed in seven provinces, the first phase of Graine involved 843 agricultural cooperatives.
“The IMF gives money to the government and people often expect these funds to improve their living conditions. They are wrong because the IMF does not invest to improve living conditions. When the state's accounts are in the red, the IMF finances its overdraft to bring the level down to zero in the hope that...
For Henri-Claude Oyima, this financing should "make it possible to settle part of Congo's internal debt". "It is not about funding that is given directly to the state, but funding to support businesses and help revive the country's economy," he said. Note that apart from BGFI, this group of banks also includes Ecobank, LCB (La...
Responding to questions regarding currently valid homologation products authorized by certain CEMAC countries, Jean Blaise Moudoudou indicated that the products must continue to circulate in the countries until the expiry date of their authorization. Other questions included the difference between a chemical pesticide and a biological pesticide as well as the waste disposal of obsolete...
During the borrowing operation, for the value "EOG 6.25% NET 2019-2024", Gabon had mobilized an envelope of 126 billion francs in the last quarter of 2019, whereas it did not initially request than 100 billion francs. The amount sought by the Gabonese government has been increased with the authorization of the financial market regulator, after...
“This dynamism is also to be put to the credit of GFAC which, through its actions of mobilization and awareness, dissemination of business culture among women, support for women entrepreneurs contributes to the implementation government options, under the leadership of Prime Minister Chief Dr Dion Ngute, in execution of the Head of State's high instructions,...
These commercial actions are also supported by the strengthening of the risk management framework, through the development and regular updating of a risk appetite policy and risk mapping, which have made it possible to reduce the risk. cost of risk from 5.5 million euros in 2015 to 0.87 million euros in 2019, i.e. 1.1% of...
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