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Freddy Tchala, a man with an extraordinary career, now takes the helm at Activa Assurance, marking a significant milestone in his remarkable journey. Endowed with a profound understanding of international markets, he has garnered years of experience within renowned multinational corporations, with his academic qualifications paving the way for his ascent to the pinnacle of...
In an inspiring artistic journey, Anne Carine Tchoussik Ngalieu, a certified life coach, fashion designer, and prominent Cameroonian artist, takes us on a captivating voyage through time and space, unveiling the epic tale of the legendary princess Wouten. Beyond her versatile talents, she wields her pen and camera to shed light on often overlooked realities,...
Kate Fotso, an eminent and influential businesswoman, holds a leadership position as the CEO of Telcar, the leading Cameroonian company in cocoa bean trading. Her professional achievements and estimated fortune of 150 billion XAF in 2016 have made her an iconic figure in the business world of Cameroon. Recently, she graciously shared insights into her...
Folorunsho Alakija’s extraordinary journey is one that is both powerful and deeply inspiring. At the age of 65, she has risen to become the richest black woman in the world, surpassing even Oprah Winfrey. Alakija’s path, originating from Nigeria, is a testament to her remarkable resilience and determination. From a humble secretary, she ventured into...
Aliko Dangote’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs is truly inspiring. Born in Kano, Nigeria, on April 10, 1957, Dangote’s path to billionaire status is a testament to the power of determination and hard work. Growing up in a business-oriented family, Dangote’s early exposure to entrepreneurship fueled his...
At the age of 49, Dambisa Moyo has embarked on a journey that evokes admiration and envy. Hailing from Zambia, she charted a path to success by attending esteemed academic institutions such as Oxford and Harvard before making her mark at the World Bank. However, it was her groundbreaking essay, “Dead Aid,” that truly thrust...
Raoul Keddy is an international business & affairs consultant, government Relations & public affairs expert, speaker and lobbyist. He is the Founder & Managing Director of Raked Intl LLC. Through Raked Intl LLC, Raoul has been instrumental in developing strategic plans, establishing key partnerships, facilitating negotiations and organizing trade mission trips. Keddy has helped to...
“We spearheaded strategic investments in our digital banking and technology platforms to further promote self-service banking; we have also focused on enhancing the capabilities of our people through various online capacity development programmes,” Elumelu added, “Our African operations have contributed approximately 55% of our profits for the year,illustrating that we are truly a pan-African bank.”
According to the newspaper Le Jour, which reported this information in its edition of March 16, 2021, Mr. Nyodog joined the Board of Directors of Gulfin just a few months after the shareholders' decision "to dismiss the former CEO of this company and his deputy, due to mismanagement, ” the newspaper says.
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