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The supervisory authority advocates dialogue for the preservation of social peace within the company. At the same time, the Minister promises the operationalization of the Universal Postal Service Access Fund which would help Sopéco to provide service throughout the national territory, the training of personnel in digital professions, the inventory of the heritage of this...
The import customs duty (DDI) of the concerned products of group 2 will be reduced by 60%; the other duties and taxes remaining unchanged and the customs import duty (DDI) of the concerned products of group 3 will be reduced by 10%; the other duties and taxes remaining unchanged ”, we can read.
Holder of a master's degree in accounting and finance from the Catholic University of Central Africa in Yaoundé, “he worked for the development and implementation of factoring in West and Central Africa, where during these last ten years, it launched the activity with ten commercial banks ”, notes the reporter.
This increase in crude oil exports comes against a backdrop of a resumption of fragile demand, requiring "caution" in the face of uncertainties over global oil demand. It will be characterized by a 10% increase in Rabi Blend, which will rise to 68,000 bpd next month compared to this month, for two shipments. Private Equity-backed...
He is replaced by Jean Christophe Ela Nguema, Colonel of the Air Force. At the same time, Jean Claude Mauger Ayem, replaces as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe Massena, the current Minister of Transport. And Alexandre Fochive is appointed to the post of Deputy Managing Director, replacing Max Constant Mve.
Indeed, this convergence plan is a frame of reference and coordination of interventions in the conservation and sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa. After the 2005-2014 plan, a second edition (2015-2025) was developed covering six priority areas, namely the harmonization of forest and environmental policies; sustainable management and development of forest resources; conservation...
After a downward trend over the period 2016-2019, Gabon's debt ratio experienced a resurgence in 2020. According to the latest "Note of analysis on Gabon's debt", Ali Bongo's country recorded a strong increase in the debt ratio to almost 70% of GDP at the end of 2020, compared to 59% a year earlier. According to...
The mobilization of subscribers was remarkable, with more than 82.4% participation for banks, 7.7% for insurance companies, 5.6% for individuals, pension funds just over 1 , 9% of the total participation, 1.4% for companies, and finally, the participation of microfinance institutions is estimated at less than 0.9%.
Regarding the main customers, South-East Asia is the first destination of Congo's forest products, with a rate of 77% of exports, followed by the European Union (19%), North America (2%), North Africa and the Middle East (1%) and the rest of Africa (0.4%).
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