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Zang further explains that "The oxygen is compressed in one or more cylinders, to be distributed to the various patients connected to the network by tubes. Sensors measure consumption for each patient. Each station has the particularity of being able to be controlled remotely from an application." This revolutionary device was designed locally by Hilmore...
The major advantage of Dikalo is respect for private data. Each user in Dikalo has a private personal code. It is with this code that you could find a friend on Dikalo. It is also possible to allow Dikalo to access your telephone directory. Dikalo will be able to allow you to send a friend...
Selena Souah and Feissal Mombo whose parents also worked in the Telecom sector in Gabon are experienced professionals. The former has a Master 2 in Enterprise Finance from the Higher Commerce Institute in Paris. The latter on his part has a Master of Science in International Banking and Finance from Lingnan University in Hong Kong...
The objective of this challenge is to give entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East, and in particular those in Cameroon, the means to get started and develop, "announces the Cameroonian branch of the French operator. Applications will be accepted until July 19, 2020 online. The winners of the competition will be known in September...
“In response to requests from several of its customers, Gabon Télécom has made changes to its price list, concerning Internet packages. This revision aims to give better readability, as well as comfort, to the subscription and to the use. Its new rates have been studied to meet the needs of our customers who want more...
Young Gabonese have just launched the “Icole” platform. It offers several appropriate functions, in particular for online teaching, access to Zoom (Video conference, team viewer), coaching and mentoring. In these times of restrictions and promotion of barrier measures to slow or even stop the spread of Covid-19, telework is more than recommended. In this sense,...
The innovation is from a young Cameroonian named Cédric Atangana, robotics and artificial intelligence engineer. His name is Cédric Atangana; young Cameroonian entrepreneur who has created a platform allowing him to carry out a Covid-19 pre-diagnosis in less than a minute. An innovation made available to hospitals to organize care as best as possible. Cedric_Atangana-CEO_WeCashUp...
DigiitaLink, a start-up evolving in the field of web and mobile application development offers an innovative solution in the fight against Covid-19. Its application “Alafia wincovid-19 is a decision support tool for the detection of risk cases thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated by the designers. Alafia was selected among the 3 best African projects...
Cameroonian start-up Songhai Labs, which presents itself as a knowledge brokerage platform and an accelerator of innovation, has signed a partnership agreement with SatSure, an analytical company that takes advantage of satellites, machine learning and analysis of big data for decision making, we have learnt.  The two partners plan to launch an open platform for...

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