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Many young people will gather to discuss the issue of entrepreneurship in Chad from November 16 to 22. This is part of the fourth edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrated each year. The announcement was made on November 12 by the Youth Network for Development and Leadership in Chad.

“Entrepreneurship, a suitable solution for socio-professional integration and a guarantee of innovation”. It is under this theme that World Entrepreneurship Day will be celebrated in Chad. A meeting that will bring together many people around a common goal: the communion and connection of millions of people passionate about entrepreneurship in order to unleash their business ideas and transform them.

On the program for this week, there are several activities:

-Caravan of entrepreneurship;
-Training to undertake at zero francs;
-Talents of geniuses;

  • Parliament of the SDGs;
    -Startup and investment forum;
    -Night of entrepreneurs.

To impact the Chadian population with a view to sharing ideas and ensuring employment for all, the activities of the World Entrepreneurship Week will be divided into stages.

From November 17 to 21, a caravan to popularize entrepreneurship and leadership will be carried out in universities and schools. It will focus on themes related to the issue in order to build the capacities of young people passionate about entrepreneurship.

From November 17 to 19, young people and women will be trained on starting from scratch. This training will consist of building the capacity of the latter in order to instill in them an entrepreneurial spirit. The training will take place at the Radisson Blu hotel.

At the same place, from November 17 to 18, the Startups and Investments Forum will take place. A two-day meeting that will focus on promotion, networking, improving access to finance and finding investment opportunities in Chadian startups.

On November 18, the talents of geniuses will be held. An initiative that offers a space for training, expression and innovation in order to promote and reward talents during a competition. The best will see their activities formalized.

The SDG parliament is a competition that will take place on November 19 in the form of a pitch. Applicants will be subject to themes related to the SDGs. It will bring together both the art of oratory and that of defending one’s ideas in a structured way.

Part of these activities will be dedicated to girls and women. This is the Digit of her. An activity scheduled for the 20th of the month. The aim is to promote digital innovation and take advantage of the artificial intelligence of the digital industry.

The last activity of the Global Entrepreneurship Week is called “Entrepreneurs Night”, scheduled for November 21. An evening dedicated to the celebration of entrepreneurs. It aims to increase the visibility of rising startups and offer them the possibility of sponsorship and financing.